using external GTX 980 with MacBook Pro


I have a working setup made from MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) connected to an external GPU card – GTX 980. The card is placed in PCIe box that is connected to the laptop with a thunderbolt 2 cable which gives a throughput of 10Gb/s (latter MBP supports 16Gb ...

Tips on working with Theano

Debugging Theano code is notoriously hard. Perhaps the main reason is because the python code you just wrote is not executed. Instead, your python expressions are used to build a graph of what you want to compute. The graph is compiled into CPU or GPU code when you use something ...

Command line for cleaning the cells of an ipython notebook

Once in a while I have an ipython notebook that has so much stuff written into its output cells that it takes forever to open it in the browser. In some cases the browser crash, blocking me from reaching the menu option to clear all the cells in the notebook ...

VW contextual bandit

The task of contextual bandit is to find a policy $\pi$ for deciding what action $a$ to take given a context $x$ or $a = \pi(x)$

The goal is to find a policy which maximizes the reward $V^\pi = E(r_{\pi(x)})$

one problem is how to measure the performance using offline data which was not

Blogin on github

I decided to follow Jake and try to setup a blog on github which can be used to show code and ipython notebooks. You can read about the details here.

Notebook example: